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Conceptual design of the north road axe of Crete (voak) consession contract in Greece

Start Date.27/02/2018 End Date.12/10/2018

Doxiadis Associates since February of 2018 provides services to the Greek State (Directorate 16 of the General Secretary of Public Works of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation) for the concession of the North Road Axe of Crete, from Chania to Agios Nikolaos.

The North Road Axe of Crete has a total length of 199 Km, and includes:

  • 42,50 Km of dual carriage motorway already constructed
  • 9,00 Km of dual carriage motorway under construction
  • 147,50 Km of dual carriage motorway to be constructed

The services included the:

  • Elaboration of a new conceptual road design of the North Axe, based on an alignment alternative to the existing design, for the full length of the project where feasible;
  • Assessment and comparison of the two alternative alignments / road designs of the North Road Axe of Crete;
  • Elaboration of the Preliminary Environmental Assessment Study;
  • Elaboration of a Preliminary Geological Study;
  • Provision of support to the Greek State for the selection of the final alignment / road design