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Design and Construction Management of the Doxiadis Associates New Office Building in Athens – GREECE

Start Date.1993 End Date.1996

One of the main design criteria for Doxiadis New Headquarters Building, was to avoid the traditional concept of a building facing an uncontrolled environment, i.e. the front street. The designers decided instead on an introvert design scheme, arranging the building spaces around an interior open air space attractively landscaped. The two buildings thus formed, run perpendicular to the Messogion Avenue and are connected with a third volume containing vertical circulation (stairs, lifts) and other auxiliary spaces. The rear building is intended for the new headquarters of Doxiadis Associates, and comprises four floors. The front building is facing the Messogion Avenue, and houses a ground floor of commercial use, interconnected with a basement floor and a mezzanine; above this volume there are three floors of office space. The building floor area is about 1,700 sq. m.; with 450 sq.m. of ancillary facilities and private parking areas in two basements, the total floor area of the building is 2,150 sq.m. To the rear of the building complex there are two levels of a parking garage with a capacity of about 100 automobiles for employees and visitors.