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Eastern Corridor Area Development Plan (E.C.A.D.P.), Amman – JORDAN

Start Date.2009 End Date.2010 Pdf Format.Link to File

The objective of the project was the design of the Amman Eastern Corridor Area (307,51 ha), the entrance gate of the Metropolitan city of Amman from the East. It was developed over 5 phases and 14 individual reports. These 5 phases included the analysis (land use survey; socioeconomic analysis; e.t.c.), and the proposal (design of the community layout plan, urban blocks, road network, public places, open spaces network specifications, parking and landscaping). In addition to the above the detailed design of 2 areas selected for their special character areas was included in the project deliverables. Training was provided to GAM officials, and an implementation – phasing plan was submitted in order to insure its optimum materialization.