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Feasibility Study for the Vlore- Saranda Konispol Sagiada Road Corridor- ALBANIA

Start Date.1996 End Date.1997

The main objectives of the assignment were: (a) the feasibility study for the reconstruction and improvement of the coastal North-South road axis Vlore – Saranda – Konispol – Sagiada, and the reclassification of the existing road system situation and proposed upgrading according to European standards; (b) Particular attention was paid to the road sections at the southern part of the axis, namely the sections: (i) Vlore – Saranda branching either through Himara or Kuci, (ii) Butrindi-Konispol (23 km) and alternative, (iii) Xarra – Konispol (16 km); (c) The Consultant was expected to identify the possible risks associated with the implementation of the works and draw conclusions as to the need for technical assistance during the implementation stage. The services provided were divided into the following parts: definition of standards; assessment of traffic; roadway and pavement condition surveys; construction and maintenance costs; preliminary design and assessment of work quantities; economic evaluation; environmental impact assessment.