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Highway Maintenance Management System (HMMS) – SAUDI ARABIA

Start Date.1987 End Date.2000

The scope of the project was to develop and implement an integrated state-of-the-art “”Highway Maintenance Management System”” (HMMS) for the maintenance of the highway network of Saudi Arabia which consist of 72,000 lane-kms of roads, 4,200 bridges and 100 tunnels to satisfy the HMMS objectives The contribution of Doxiadis Associates, as a principal member of the Joint Venture “”Highway Maintenance Associates”” (HMA) included the following activities: a. The execution of the nationwide inventory and condition surveys for the highway network including pavements, non-pavement elements and structures as well as traffic counts and vehicle weighing for the entire network, using state-of-the-art survey equipment. b. The creation of the inventory and condition database for all highway elements. c. The provision of the engineering inputs required for the development of the models and their application. d. Responsibility for the management of the financial matters of the HMA and for the provision of project management and coordination with the Client.