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Modification of the Final Design of Kritinias Dam on the Island of Rhodes- GREECE

Start Date.2003 End Date.2006

Doxiadis Associates were assigned as Consultant for Specialized Services of Land Reclamation Works of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, tasked with performing the evaluation of adequacy, updating and finalization of the project “Miscellaneous Construction Works for the Kritinia Dam on Rhodes Island”. The objective of the project’s construction is to create a reservoir with approximately 2,000,000 m3 useful capacity that will be used to cover the irrigation demands of 150 ha of the downstream land and the water supply demands of the area. The objectives of the study were: evaluation of the dam stability study and redesign of the zone layers according to the Geotechnical Study results; modification of the dam geometry; composition of an up-to-date hydrologic study; modification of the spillway study; design of the spillway for the 50-year flood; partial modification of the discharge and water intake pipe; design of the valve and Instrument Building and the outlet work canal; compilation of new tender documents; composition of Security and Health Plan and Dossier. The resulting overall volume of the reservoir is 2,140,000 m3. The dead volume is estimated to be approximately 250,000 m3 and the useful capacity 1,890,000 m3. The area at the maximum flood level is 1,700 m2. The dam is earthen with argillaceous central core. The maximum height from the foundation level is 41 m, the crown length 551.42 m and the crown width 8 m. The upstream and downstream inclinations of the embankment are 1:3.5 (V:H) and 1:3 (V:H), respectively.