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Modification of the Final Design of Panormos Pond on the Island of Skopelos- GREECE

Start Date.2003 End Date.2006

Doxiadis Associates were assigned as Consultant for Specialized Services of Land Reclamation Works of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, charged with the evaluation of adequacy, updating and maturing of the project “Construction of Panormos Pond on Skopelos Island”. The overall storage volume of the pond is 156,000 m3 and the useful storage of the pond at 152,000 m3. The surface of the pond is made impervious by applying a 31,700 m2 membrane. The construction of the earthwork of the dam is made by an argillaceous core and supporting frames from excavation products mainly of calcareous formations and also of slate formations, along with the necessary zones of filters and the protections zones of the upstream and downstream inclines. The construction of the pond includes: side spillway at the right buttress; rectangular spillway chude; stilling basin; tailrace channel, for carrying of the water towards the tailrace pipe; tailrace pipe with internal dimensions 3.20 x 2.00 m, constructed from reinforced concrete, total length of 1,007 m.; Diversion Pipe from reinforced concrete pipes,with 800 mm diameter, encased in reinforced concrete; discharge – water intake pipe from steel pipes of internal 400 mm diameter; instrument building; project access roads; Road construction works and sediment controlling works. The compilation of tender documents, Security and Health Plan and Security and Health Dossier were also included in the study.