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National Housing Plan for Lebanon

Start Date.01/01/1997End Date01/01/1998Share

This was the second time that Doxiadis Associates had been called to prepare the country’s housing programme, the first occasion had been in 1958. The assignment consisted of the identification of existing and expected future housing needs based on the results of an extended Housing and Household Sample Survey on a national scale, review of the existing housing policies and delivery systems, formulation of the future housing delivery strategies, preparation of housing development programme, elaboration of a special software package for the housing programme, identification of potential sites for the public housing schemes layout planning of the selected sites as well as preliminary design of the infrastructure network, and architectural and structural design of various house types according to the existing needs. More particularly, the entire system of housing delivery was reviewed, inclusive of issues of land prices, housing finance, system of housing loans and generally the assessment of the housing affordability especially for the middle and lower income categories, extent of lands in public ownership, building materials industry, manpower requirements, public and private housing delivery agencies, so as to propose measures which would optimise the housing delivery for the next 10 years.