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Start Date.01/03/1985 End Date.01/10/1992

A central feature of the design concept is the massing of blocks of various heights, which present an ever-changing picture when viewed from different angles of approach.

The main building has at its core a central atrium, part of which reaches the full, ten-floor height of the building and which acts as a pivotal points for all vertical and horizontal circulation.

The central atrium is capped by a succession of glazed pyramidal vaults supported by the vertical circulation elements in the form of two groups of freestanding lift shafts.

The predominant external surfaces will be clad in polished marble, while the infill elements and pyramidal vaults will be glazed in blue tinted solar glass.

This building complex is also intended for a maximum occupancy of 1,000 employees and a small auxiliary staff. Parking for 300 vehicles is offered in the basement of the main building and on four level of the annex building.