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Role of Doxiadis Associates within the Consortium for the Design and Construction of the New Athens International Aiproort – GREECE

Start Date.1996 End Date.1999

Doxiadis Associates, as the main subcontractor of the consortium under Hochtief AG, participated in all phases of the design study and construction of two of the most complex buildings of the new terminal, which constitute the nucleus of airport activities. The Main Terminal Building (MTB) has a capacity to receive yearly 16 million passengers and an overall surface of 165.000 m2.. Building dimensions are 788 by 37 m. It extends over five functional levels of passenger services. This central structure houses activities related to arrivals and departures with their relevant support infrastructure for 6,000 users during peak hours. Design of Air Traffic Control Building (ATCB) and Control Tower was performed simultaneously with construction works, which had commenced on November 1996 and included elaboration of all construction drawings.