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Supplementary Studies of the Heraklion – Viannos Road on the Island of Crete – GREECE

Start Date.2003 End Date.2005

The Heraklion – Viannos is an vital road axis because it provides one of the few connections beween the northern and southern main regional roads of the island of Crete. The project comprised the alignment of the Heraklion – Viannos road, and arrangements on the network of the secondary roads that branch out from it. Some segments of the existing road required improvements only, while other parts had to be completely realigned and redesigned. The study included the design of junctions (2 on-grade, and 8 grade-separated interchanges), and connectors of a total length of 25 km. In all, the services provided comprised: detailed environmental impact assessment; field surveys for full topographic data; topo-map elaboration; final design of 1 bridge; final design of 10 interchanges; drainage network design; marking study; and expropriation study.