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Technical Advisor for the Thriasio Centre Concession Contract

Start Date.08/01/2021

Doxiadis Associates since January 2021 provides services to the GAIAOSE S.A. for the Development of Thriasio Centre Concession Contract

The Services include the following:

  • The determination of the Technical Specifications for the construction of the new investments
  • The estimation of the Investment cost (Capex) as well as the Operation and Maintenance cost (Opex) of the object of the Concession contracts
  • The participation in the determination of the Performance Specifications of the Concessionaires
  • Participation in the determination of the availability and / or reduced efficiency penalty system
  • The continuous cooperation with the Financial Advisor and the Legal Advisor of GAIAOSE for all the issues of the in progress or of the Concession Agreements to be prepared
  • The Provision of Technical Support for any issue requested by GAIAOSE in relation to the Project.