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Heraklion – Malades – Gefyra Road – GREECE

Start Date.2009

Road studies concern the initial part of county road no 27, commencing from the city of Heraklion. This part of the road passes through a considerable number of small and large scale industrial enterprises and workshops, amusement and recreational activity areas, and agricultural lands. The area west of the road up to the settlement of Malades, and also a part of the area to the east, are zoned as an Industrial Area by the Heraklion Master Plan and Regional Development Study. The wider project area is developing very rapidly, the main land uses being industrial, workshops, commercial, and housing. The road is approximately ten (10) km long, with a network of lateral roads all along its length. The project also comprises nine (9) at-grade interchanges, and a variety of cross sections (two-way carriageways, two-way double-lane carriageways with separation barriers, etc.). The studies performed under the contract are: Highway engineering and traffic (roads and junctions), topographical (surveys and cadastre entries), technical works (structural studies), hydraulic works, environmental, geological, signage-safety, tender documents.