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Master Plan andn CBD Planning for the Bumi Serpong Damai New City – INDONESIA

Start Date.1994 End Date.1997

Preparation of a revised Master Plan for the satellite new city of Bumi Serpong Damai with the target population size of 580,000 inh. to be located some 20 km. to the west of Jakarta. The Revised Planning for Bumi Serpong Damai New City comprised two main components: (a) the master planning component, with the preparation of a concept plan and an illustrative development plan for the overall 7,400 hectares of BSD area and the preparation of a master plan for the developable are of the approximately 4,600 hectares of land controlled within the BSD boundary of 7,400 hectares; Doxiadis Associates were also commissioned with the assessment of needs for infrastructure works and preliminary design of solid waste collection and disposal, water supply, sanitary sewage, power supply and telecommunications as well as environmental issues for the new city and (b) the Central Business District – CBD planning component, with the development of a detailed master plan, including development guidelines, infrastructures, for the approximate 450 hectares of CBD planned within BSD.