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Olympic Athetic Center of Athens (O.A.K.A.) Master Plan – GREECE

Start Date.2001 End Date.2001 Pdf Format.Link to File

O.A.K.A is one of the major venues, since it concerns the main Olympic arena of the city of Athens, programmed to host major events and ceremonies of the Games. Areas covered by this main stadium comprise a variety of functions other than the Olympic Stadium. Additional zones include the Covered Gymnastics Arena, the Olympic Swimming Competition Pools, the Cyclodrome and Volleyball terrains and a multitude of service facility areas. Special zones are designed to house restaurants, a communications centre, commercial areas, a health centre, as well as training sections, administrative quarters and security installations Investigation of adjacent areas facilitated planning for Olympic overlays. The study covers traffic management and parking areas and internal controlled circulation. The project had three stages; it started on February 2001 and was completed by the month of October of the same year. The study cost was 500.000 US dollars