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Strategic Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Master and Layout Planning for Delta Mas (Bekasi) New City – INDONESIA

Start Date.1995 End Date.1997

Development of a large satellite new city of some 380,000 inh., to be located on a site of 3,600 ha some 36 km. from Jakarta. Delta Mas New City, as part of the fast growing industrial and service corridor to the east of Jakarta, is to become a major sub-regional centre attracting professional middle classes and providing facilities and services for a wide surrounding area. The following duties were part of the project activities: detailed market survey (households, business establishments) to identify market demand and trends; survey of major competing developments; feasibility study covering residential development, commercial uses and landbank; alternative development patterns and identification of conceptual Master Plan; detailed Master Plan and layout plans of Phase 1 area; infrastructure and utility networks; implementation plan, phasing and costing of development; marketing strategy; high-quality graphic material for marketing purposes. Doxiadis Associates were also commissioned with the assessment of needs for infrastructure works and preliminary design of solid waste collection and disposal, water supply, sanitary sewage, power supply and telecommunications as well as environmental issues.