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Project Description

Technical Assistance for Road Maintenance Management System Phase II - INDONESIA

This project was a continuation of the Road Maintennace Management System - Phase I for the Jabotabek Metropolitan Area (which includes the Capital Jakarta) in Indonesia. The study forms part of the First Jabotabek Urban Development Project and was financed by an IBRD loan. Phase I of the Road Maintenance Management System was also undertaken by Doxiadis Associates and included: - Road inventory syrveys - visual condition surveys - automated road consfition surveys - traffic surveys - database development - network map development.


Start date: 1996/11

End date: 1997/4

Geographical Area: Asia

Country: Indonesia

Client Name: DPU-DKT

Fields of Specialization: Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Traffic Studies, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Highway Maintenance, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Topographical Surveys

Leaflet No.: Available soon