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Project Description

Freight and Passenger Transport Studies - JORDAN

The objective of this technical assistance assignment was to undertake a thorough review of the principal issues and problems faced by the road transport sector in Jordan, and, based on this, to develop options, propose actions (policy, institutional and legislative) and assist in implementing agreed actions that would: (i) facilitate and improve transport operations; (ii) facilitate and improve trade operations; (iii) improve the institutional environment in which shippers, transport operators and government organisations perform, with emphasis on road-based freight transport. Based on the above objectives, the scope of work was designed to focus on Transport and Trade Facilitation as a separate component of the TOR. In another component of the TOR the consultants were expected to address the issues and problems of passenger transport at the national level. The main emphasis was on urban bus transport in the Greater Amman area including identification of new bus routes, current taxation, and licensing arrangements, fare levels, privatisation of public corporations, etc.


Start date: 1995/9

End date: 1996/6

Geographical Area: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Jordan

Client Name: Ministry of Transport, Jordan

Fields of Specialization: Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Traffic Studies