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Project Description

Design Review and Supervision of Eastern Region Corniche - SAUDI ARABIA

The project area is located in the Northeastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The work involved the construction of road works, drainage structures, pavement construction, traffic marking and signs for approximately 52 km. The project comprised: toposurvey, hydrology and hydraulics, geotechnical investigation, general and detailed drawings, tender document study.


Start date: 1992/4

End date: 1992/9

Geographical Area: Middle East and North Africa

Country: Saudi Arabia

Client Name: Ministry of Communications, Saudi Arabia

Fields of Specialization: Structural Studies/Bridges, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Topographical Surveys, Hydraulic/Road or Rails, Project or Construction Management and Supervision/Highways, Geotechnical Investigations / Laboratory Testing