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Project Description

Evaluation of Development Planning for Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.

Evaluation of Project UAE/87/006 - Development Planning for Abu Dhabi, with the following project tasks: A) Review the project's overall achievement; B) Analyse and evaluate the services rendered; C) Assess the relevance of the project's design; D) Assess the level of sustainability achieved by the project in date; E) Identify impediments to timely project implementation; F) Assess the effective participation of National and International Staff and its impact on the project's performance as envisaged by the project document; G) Identify any significant lessons that can be drawn from the experience of the project and its results, with particular attention to those aspects that could lead to successful replication elsewhere.


Start date: 1992/1

End date: 1992/2

Geographical Area: Middle East and North Africa

Country: United Arab Emirates

Client Name: United Nations (UNDP)

Fields of Specialization: Regional and Urban Planning, Technical Assistance

Markets: Regional and Urban Development/Regional Development