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Project Description

Residential Development on a Private Este in the "Trikorfo" Region of Central Greece - GREECE

Master Plan, Subdivision Plans and Infrastructure Designs for a residential development to be realized in a privately owned site of 80 hectares. In all, a total of 823 individual plots, each averaging 550 sq.m., were provided. Due to the self-explanatory requirement to protect the sensitive natural environment of the site, the design team devoted a lot of effort in arranging the road network so as to minimize its environmental impacts. In addition, plots lying on steep slopes are accessed by pedestrian paths instead of asphalt roads (most of these paths are, nevertheless, wide enough to accommodate emergency vehicles). Residential development is supported by community facilities which contribute to an attractive and pleasant living environment, and comprise a small shopping centre, that opens up towards a central square, playgrounds and sports grounds. In the context of master plan preparation, preliminary designs and cost estimates for all infrastructure networks were also elaborated.


Start date: 1992/1

End date: 1992/11

Geographical Area: Europe

Client Name: Private Development

Fields of Specialization: Regional and Urban Planning, Architectural Studies/Housing, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Topographical Surveys, Hydraulic/Urban Areas, Environmental

Markets: Regional and Urban Development/Urban Development, Real Estate

Leaflet No.: Available soon