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Project Description

Former Military Base Conversion Project in Thessaloniki - GREECE

The project started with the feasibility study to investigate possibilities of exchanging 14 centrally located military bases in the city of Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, with an equal number of public land parcels in the peri-urban area. This first step was followed by the appraisal of development use for the former bases and the subsequent definition of their development form. It is considered a pilot study, since the results, and especially the methods of implementation proposed, could be adopted for the conversion of similar military land properties in other parts of the country. The major parts of the former bases were conceded for uses of common interest, public facilities and parks, while the remaining was commercially developed, generating income to finance the costs of evacuation of the premises and transfer to more remote sectors. The overall effort led to the assignment to Doxiadis Associates by the Organisation for Planning and Environmental Protection of the city in 2002-2003 of a more detailed appraisal concerning seven of the above former military bases.


Start date: 2000/11

End date: 2003/01

Geographical Area: Europe

Country: Greece

Client Name: Thessaloniki's Municipality Organisation, Greece

Fields of Specialization: Regional and Urban Planning, Environmental

Markets: Regional and Urban Development/Urban Development

Leaflet No.: Available soon