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Project Description

Design Study for the Water Supply and Sewerage Network of Magoula Municipality in Attika- GREECE

Doxiadis Associates undertook the planning and design of the water supply and sewerage networks at Magoula Municipality for all areas already included or to be included in the plan. The study area measures 127 hectares including all expansions of the town-planning layout. Based on this layout the Municipality area is divided into 179 buildings. The design is conducted for a maximum estimated population of 15,000 inhabitants. The proposed water supply network was designed in order to service the water demands of the whole population of the Municipality, as well as public facilities. The water network pipes covers almost 100% of the urban entity of Magoula Municipality. The design of the network was carried out based on a closed loop layout concept. The study called for the sewerage network to be connected to the main collector of The Sewerage Company so that the sewage flow is directed to a sewage treatment plant.


Start date: 2002/06

End date: 2002/11

Geographical Area: Europe

Country: Greece

Client Name: Ministry of Agriculture

Fields of Specialization: Hydraulic/Urban Areas

Markets: Infrastructure Networks/Sewerage and Drainage

Leaflet No.: Available soon