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Project Description

Water Conduit Design Study & Modification of the Final Design of Kastania Pond on Island of Alonissos- GREECE

Doxiadis Associates were assigned as Consultant for Specialized Services of Land Reclamation Works of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, and were involved in the evaluation of adequacy, the updating and finalization of the project "Construction of Kastania Pond, Alonnisos Island". The pond was developed along the main flow route of the Kastania stream and drains a basin of 4.7 km2. After the preparation of the technical report for the evaluation of the adequacy of the existing studies and the completion of additional Geotechnical Studies, the redesign of the basic constructions of the Project was required. The modifications of the initial study consisted of: conduction of a stability study for the dam; alteration of the dam; shifting the axis to the left; improvement of the spillway hydraulic; changing the type of the spillway from frontal type to side; shifting of the spillway axis and modification of the spillway crowning level. The overall pond volume is 610,000 m3. The area at the maximum flood level is 6,700 m2. The surface of the pond is made impervious by applying a membrane. The dam is earthen with an argillaceous central core. The crown level is +208 m. The upstream inclination of the embankment is 1:3.5 (V:H) and the downstream 1:3 (V:H). The maximum embankment height is 28 m. The composition of Tender Documents, Security and Health Plan and Security and Health Dossier were included in the study.


Start date: 2003/3

End date: 2006/12

Country: Greece

Client Name: Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works

Fields of Specialization: Hydraulic/Urban Areas, Technical Assistance

Markets: Infrastructure Networks/Water Supply, Dams

Leaflet No.: Available soon