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Project Description

IKEA Stores in Thessaloniki GREECE

Doxiadis Associates S.A. was involved in this programme as the Architectural and Engineering Consultant for House Market S.A., the company that operates the worldwide chain of houseware stores IKEA in Greece. The a/m store in Thessaloniki occupied an existing building having a total area of 22.000 m located in the middle of a 60.000m parking lot. The design of the refurbishment included: complete remodeling of the existing building, structural design, and extensive infrastructure works. The project had to be completed within 7 months and the construction schedule was an exhaustive one, demanding over 200 workers to be occupied on a 12 hour/day basis over that period. The stores include a Showroom area comprising of a large number of model setups where the customer can see various suggested layouts, the self-service area, the warehouses and a large restaurant which is sufficient for servicing hundreds of customers at the same time. Doxiadis Associates S.A. had since completed design activities for the second building of the IKEA chain, in Athens, having a total commercial area of 46.000m and two underground parking levels with a total area of 30.000mC. The building will be made of concrete structure and it will be a completely new one


Start date: 2000/11

End date: 2001/10

Country: Greece

Client Name: House Market S.A.

Fields of Specialization: Architectural Studies/Commercial Buildings, Structural Studies/Buildings, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Traffic Studies, Project or Construction Management and Supervision/Buildings

Markets: Buildings/Commercial

Leaflet No.: Available soon