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Project Description

Maliakos Gulf Crossing - GREECE

Maliakos Gulf Crossing project included an 4 km Immersed tube tunnel, that was to be constructed and operated under a D.B.F.O.T. scheme. Doxiadis Associates through its affiliated company Metrotech S.A. provided Technical Consultancy Services to the Greek State in cooperation with large European Firms. The Services provided included Design Review and Evaluation; Traffic Data Evaluation; Preparation of the Tender Documents including the Concession Agreement; Technical Evaluation of Bidders ; Determination of the Operation and Maintenance Procedures


Start date: 1996/8

End date: 2001/7

Country: Greece

Client Name: Greek Ministry of Public Works

Fields of Specialization: Structural Studies/Special Structures, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Concession Technical Consultancy, E/M Studies, Technical Assistance, Environmental, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Concession Technical Consultancy

Markets: Concessions and PPPs

Leaflet No.: Available soon