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Project Description

Technical Consultant for the Elefsina - Stavros - Spata Airport Motorway & Western Ymittos Peripheral Road - GREECE

The project of the Elefsina - Stavros - Spata Airport motorway & Western Ymittos Peripheral road (usually referred to as: "Attiki Odos"), is one of the most important and complex infrastructure projects implemented in Greece. The total budget of the Attiki Odos project amounts to 2,94 billion € and was funded by the Concessionaire’s own capital, the Greek State, the European Investment Bank, and an International Group of Commercial Banks, under a D.B.F.O.T. contract (Design, Built, Finance, Operate, Transfer). Doxiadis Associates, in cooperation with Halcrow Technical Consultant (through separate contract), supplied services to the International Group of Commercial Banks funding the Attiki Odos project. These services included: Confirmation of the Project's implementation progress; Confirmation of the Project's Financial progress; Technical Support during the realization of the various project contracts; Construction monitoring using procedures similar to FIDIC; Risk matrix monitoring (48 risk factors in 7 major categories); Monthly report elaboration; and, Supply of Experts to advise on specific technical problems during the actual construction phase.


Start date: 1998/9

End date: 2004/10

Country: Greece

Fields of Specialization: Project or Construction Management and Supervision/Highways, Structural Studies/Bridges, Structural Studies/Special Structures, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Highway Maintenance, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Construction Management, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Concession Technical Consultancy, Project or Construction Management and Supervision/Highways

Markets: Concessions and PPPs/Infrastructure Projects, Infrastructure Networks/Transportation

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