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Project Description

Technical Assistance for Highway Concession Contracts - GREECE

The Motorway Concession Project comprised 4 Concession Schemes. The New Construction part concerned 538 km of Motorway, 71 new Interchanges, and the construction of 28 Km of twin tunnels. The Operation and Maintenance part concerned 838 km of Motorway and 102 Interchanges. Total Construction Cost: 2,4 billion Euro. The technical servises offered by Doxiadois Associates comprised: design review and evaluation; determination of any necessary additional studies; preparation of the Tender Documents including the Concession Agreement; technical evaluation of bidders; determination of the Operation and Maintenance Procedures.


Start date: 2001/5

End date: 2005/5

Country: Greece

Client Name: Greek Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works

Fields of Specialization: Project or Construction Management and Supervision/Highways, Structural Studies/Bridges, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Concession Technical Consultancy, Hydraulic/Road or Rails, E/M Studies, Technical Assistance, Environmental

Markets: Concessions and PPPs/Infrastructure Projects, Infrastructure Networks/Transportation

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