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Project Description

Paraionia Odos Additional Studies: Road Links to Agios Elias Tunnel - GREECE

The objective of the project was the completion of the study phase so that the tendering and construction phases of the segment of Paraionia Highway from the existing Gournia bridge, over the Acheloos River, to the Aetolikon - Aggelokastro - Agrinio road (6.1 km long) could be implemented. This highway segment passes through the already opened tunnel of Agios Elias. The contract comprised the following studies: a) highway engineering and traffic studies (one grade-separated junction and one junction at grade, sign and safety study), b) E/M studies (junctions and tunnel mouths), c) structural studies (four bridges, one overpass, two underpasses), d) hydraulic studies (grade-separated junction), e) survey and cadastre, f) geological (borrows), and g) geotechnical studies and research (embankments and a trench at the eastern mouth of the tunnel).


Start date: 2006/5

End date: 2008/1

Geographical Area: Europe

Country: Greece

Client Name: Ministry of Environmemnt, Planning and Public Works

Fields of Specialization: Transportation and Traffic Management Studies, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Surveying Engineering and GIS, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Topographical Surveys, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Land Registration, Hydraulic, Hydraulic/Road or Rails, E/M Studies, Geotechnical Investigations / Laboratory Testing

Markets: Infrastructure Networks, Infrastructure Networks/Transportation