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Project Description

Road Safety Studies in Crete and Central Greece - GREECE

Purpose of the study is to identify road safety shortcomings and to propose short-term interventions to cope with these problems on the following road axes: a) Heraklio-Moires-Tympaki-Agia Galini, Heraklio-Gouves-Hersonisos-Malia, and Chania-Rethymno, and b) Thiva-Livadia-Amfissa-Nafpaktos. The study had to determine the level of road safety and to identify sections and spots on the road that have a limited road safety capacity. Road safety levels were determined by processing available road accidents data and by evaluating the existing geometrical characteristics of the roads under study. Intervention proposals were then developed to increase road safety on the identified weak spots or sections. The scope of the study included also repair studies of six (6) existing bridges along the Northern Road Axis of Crete (ΒΟΑΚ).


Start date: 2007/6

End date: 2009/7

Geographical Area: Europe

Country: Greece

Client Name: Ministry of Environment, Planning and Public Works

Fields of Specialization: Transportation and Traffic Management Studies, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Traffic Studies, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Highway Maintenance

Markets: Infrastructure Networks, Infrastructure Networks/Transportation

Leaflet No.: Download in pdf format