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Project Description

Geographic Information System (GIS) for Management and Control of the agricultural land of Greece

The objective of the project was the development of an alphanumeric system for identifying rural land units (parcels) through the assignment of a unique number to each rural real estate property. This required the creation of a base map that would allow the locating identification of the rural real estate units. This was accomplished by the combined use of photogrammetry and the Geographic Information System (GIS). The project was carried out in stages as follows: (i) collection of aerial photographs, scale 1:40,000; (ii) creation of digital orthophotography; (iii) printing of orthophotos or orthomaps (hard copy); (iv) interpretation and digitizing on screen of a system allowing the creation of plots, defined as much as possible by permanent boundaries; (v) production of transparencies with the above lots; (vi) coding of these lots through GIS; (vii) submission to the client of the database files containing the code numbers and the characteristics of the plots. The study covers an area of 20,915 sq.km and includes the provinces of Thraki, East and Central Mecedonia (Greece).


Start date: 1997/1

End date: 1998/12

Geographical Area: Europe

Country: Greece

Client Name: Ministry of Agriculture

Fields of Specialization: Surveying Engineering and GIS/Topographical Surveys, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Land Registration

Markets: Agricultural/Land Parcels Registration

Leaflet No.: Available soon