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Project Description

Feasibility Study for the Addis Ababa Dessie Woldiya Road Rehabilitation Project - ETHIOPIA

The purpose of the study was to assess the feasibility of rehabilitating part of the Addis Ababa - Asmara trunk road, namely the first 513.5 kms of the road originally constructed some sixty years ago. Office and field surveys were conducted in order to provide data on socioeconomic characteristics, road design and construction characteristics, pavement distresses (roughness, deflection, cracking, rutting and ravelling), soil characteristics, traffic characteristics and work-item unit costs.


Start date: 1997/2

End date: 1997/8

Geographical Area: Africa

Country: Ethiopia

Client Name: Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA)

Fields of Specialization: Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Road or Rail Design, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Traffic Studies, Transportation and Traffic Management Studies/Highway Maintenance, Surveying Engineering and GIS/Topographical Surveys

Leaflet No.: Available soon