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Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Management Services for the PRAKTIKER Houseware Supermarket Chain – GREECE

Start Date.1995 End Date.2000

Doxiadis Associates had signed a contract with ‘PRAKTIKER HELLAS’, acting agent for Greece of the German multi-national firm ‘ASKO’, to provide architectural, engineering, pre-construction services and construction management services during the implementation of the building programme of the ‘PRAKTIKER’ chain for Greece. In January 1995, ASKO signed a new framework contract with Doxiadis Associates. With this contract, Doxiadis Associates undertook all required development planning, design and construction management services for the implementation of ASKO’s development programme for Italy. This contract had a 5 year initial period. ‘ASKO’s’ development programme for Italy includes the development of fifty (50) ‘PRAKTIKER’ building units in the northern part of the country.