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Connection of the City of Lefkada to the Aktion – West Axis Road Network – GREECE

Start Date.2007

The contract concerns the finalization of road studies needed to connect the city of Lefkas (capital city of the Lefkas Island) with the ‘Ionia Odos’, a major highway and development axis running along the western coast of Greece. The project comprises two segments, namely: a) township of Vonitsa to the city of Lefkas, approx. 17 km, and b)Agios Nikolaos to the city of Aktion, approx. 6 km. Road works include: lateral road network of approximate length of 11.5 km.; seven (7) at-grade junctions; one (1) bridge; three (3) underpasses. Road category is A II, with a uniform movement surface. The contract covers the following engineering studies: Highway engineering, traffic studies, survey and cadastre, structural studies, hydraulic studies, environment studies, geological and geotechnical studies and research, sign and safety studies, E/M studies, plantation studies, and tender documents.