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Final Design of Infrastructure Networks at the Democrition University Campus in Xanthi- GREECE

Start Date.1999 End Date.2013

The Democrition University of Thrace assigned Doxiadis Associates with the “Infrastructure Works of Xanthi Campus” project.
a) Hydraulic study including the planning and design of the water supply, sewage and drainage networks for the campus of Xanthi. The study includes the preliminary and final studies and the compilation of tender documents. The objective of the project was the implementation and expansion of the existing networks, which were unable to cover the future demands of the campus. The proposed networks are designed for a maximum estimated population of 18,000 people; this figure includes students, teaching staff and employees.
The water supply network was designed on a closed loop concept provided with all necessary equipment. The overall length of the pipes network is 11,640 m.
The sewage network consists of an under pressure gravity pipes network, and two pumping stations. The overall length of the sewage pipes network is 6,275 m.
The drainage network provides a solution to the flooding problems of the area. The overall drainage area is approximately 9,400 hectares.The network consists of closed circular and rectangular pipes, rectangular drainage channels that are placed in the edge of the sidewalks, and rectangular or trapezodial ditches.
b) Transportation study and traffic management study with special focus on the regional road connecting the city of Xanthi with the village of Kimeria and its connection with the University campus network;
c) Final design of the campus main entrance interchange, of a pedestrian footbgidge crossing, and of the structures related to the underpassing of a railway line crossing the campus;
d) Final design of the campus internal road network together with all associated structures;