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Hellenic Pavilion for the Expo 2000 World Exhibition in Hanover GERMANY

Start Date.01/01/1998End Date01/01/2000Share

The essence of some visionary intuitions generated one of the main characteristics of the modern consciousness, namely the anthropocentric relationship between man and the natural element embodied in the famous sentence by Protagoras: “Man is the measure of all things”. The Greek paradigm only exemplifies this attitude as a familiarity with the natural, … a close connection, characteristic of the awareness for elements that have constituted for centuries the natural surroundings of Humans in Greece.” In its trivial manifestation the everyday is composed of repetition: the study of a creative activity leads to the analysis of re-production “. This presents the conditions in which activities that produce objects, or the objects and materials that engender activities, re-produce, re-start, re-establish positive relations … re-cycling.