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Master Plans and Regional Development Plan for the Municipality of Serres, Region of Central Macedonia – GREECE

Start Date.2005 End Date.2013 Pdf Format.Link to File

On June 2004 the Municipality of Serres assigned Doxiadis Associates with the preparation of the Regional Development Plan of the Municipality of Serres (total area 25,000 hectares) and the Master Plans of the City of Serres and nine other settlements of the Municipality. The whole study was performed in two stages in accordance with relevant EU and Greek legislation. Stage A included: Analysis and appraisal of existing conditions, identification of problems and tendencies of the study area as a whole and of every settlement of the municipality separately, population projections, and, on the basis of these, formulation of alternative proposals for the regional development of the study area. Stage B included: Preparation of the final plan design which was delivered following extensive workshop sessions with public participation, NGOS’s representatives and Municipal authorities, on maters of common interest.