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New Terminal building for the state airport of Thessaloniki

Start Date.01/12/2001 End Date.01/12/2003 Pdf Format.Link to File

Doxiadis Associates was the leading firm of a consortium that received the first prize in an international competition for the design of the New Terminal Building for the State Airport of Thessaloniki.

  • The proposed design has a simple and efficient passenger flow in two main levels (Arrivals and Departures), other intermediate levels for separating flows and functions, as well as good visibility to airside and landside.
  • It demonstrates a different approach to the issue of natural environment by enclosing considerable green areas within the building and by including carefully landscaped areas on the landside, adjacent to the access road and the curb, creating in this way an architectural promenade from the city to the point of boarding the aircraft.
  • The Terminal is accessible by a three lane road in each direction of traffic with a central reservation. Parallel to the main road space is provided for Metro or Subway train. Parking is also provided for 3,650 vehicles in multi-storey car park an as an open and partially shaded areas