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Structural, Geotechnical and E/M Instalations Studies for the erection of Agia Paraskevi New Town-Hall Building – GREECE

Start Date.2008 End Date.30/10/2014 Pdf Format.Link to File

Agia Paraskevi Municipality awarded in 2008 to Doxiadis Associates, as a leading firm, the complete structural study of new Town – Hall Building. The scope of work included stages of preparation of Preliminary, Final, Permit issuance and Detailed Design with Tender Documents as well. The building is consisted from: •4 aboveground stories with total area of 4.234 m2 •3 underground stories with total area of 7.791 m2 The project will be constructed in a site of Municipality property with total area of approximately 3.690 square meters, elongated shape and intense hypsometrical differences of 4,5 meters class.