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Support Studies for the Preliminary Design for the Construction of Almopaios Dam (Prefecture of Pella) – GREECE

Start Date.2008 End Date.2009

Doxiadis Associates was assigned, as Consultant for Specialized Services of Land Reclamations Works of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food, the preparation of the support studies for the preliminary design of the Almopaios Dam in Northern Greece. Almopaios Dam is situated on the Almopaios stream, at the narrowing of its bed, draining a catchment area of approximately 970 km2. The objective of the Project’s construction is the creation of a reservoir with approximately 45,000,000 m3 useful capacity, which will be used to cover the irrigation demands of some 15,000 ha of the downstream land and the water supply demands of the area. The contribution of Doxiadis Associates to the overall project was equal to 30%.