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Technical advisor to the hellenic republic asset development fund for the privitazation of 37 regional airports in greece

Start Date.13/02/2012 End Date.15/11/2016 Pdf Format.Link to File

The Privitazation of 37 Regional Airports of the Hellenic Republic, is one of the most important privitazation projects successfully implemented in Greece.

  • The services included the:
  • Evaluation of the existing facilities
  • Assessment of the existing capacity
  • Development of forecasts and master plans
  • Assessment of CAPEX required
  • Provision of support in the Drafting of National Airport Policy Report
  • Drafting of the technical requirements and specifications to the privatization agreement
  • Provision of Technical Assistance during the Tender Procedure (prequalification and Second Phase)
  • Provision of Technical Assistance up to the Financial closure and during concession period (concession monitoring)