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The Master Plan for Rio de Janeiro and the State of Guanabara – BRAZIL

Start Date.1964 End Date.1965

The DA development plan for Guanabara and the whole Rio Metropolitan Area attempted to lay the foundations for orderly growth and urbanization. In general, the remedies proposed concerned the overhauling and improvement of all public utility networks including the transportation system and the creation of a new physical structure for growth that would permit the city to develop along an east-west axis within the state, freeing itself from the pressures caused by its hitherto concentric form. Impetus to assist this growth was to be provided by the development of a large industrial complex and port at the western edge of the state on the bay of Sepetiba. Other proposals, such as the redistribution of functions and the organization of the city into communities equipped with appropriate services would help promote the conditions necessary to Guanabara’s harmonious and balanced development