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Master Plans and Regional Development Plan for the municipality of Chania and the adjusted municipalities of El.Venizelos, Theriso and Souda

Start Date.2011 Pdf Format.Link to File

Preparation of the Regional Development Plan of the Municipality of Chania and adjusted municipalities of El. Venizelos, Theriso, and Souda (pop. 76,075 inh., 2011). The planning process is targeted on: -environmental protection and sustainable organization of physical and urban resources, -designation of zones for the production sectors of agriculture, tourism, industry and urban expansion, -definition of measures to enhance regional physical and cultural characteristics, -improvement of the inhabitants’ quality of life, and spatial, economical and social integration of the municipality’s settlements, -infrastructure and social facilities update to secure equal benefits and opportunities to all inhabitants. Based on local surveys and data collection, Stage A includes: -analysis of existing conditions, -definition of problems and tendencies of the study area as a whole and of every settlement of the municipality separately, and -formulation of alternative proposals for the regional development of the study area. Based on discussions organized by the Consultant and held between local authorities and beneficiaries, Stage B includes: -elaboration of the final regional plan for the Municipality Region and master plans for all settlements within the study area, delivered after extensive workshop sessions with public participation, Municipal and State authorities, and NGOS’s representatives.